After the intial rude treatment for not ordering all the extras they try to force on you I finally received my glasses.They were the wrong prescription.

I called and they said to bring them back for a refund the next day.When I got there I was told, very rudely, that I would have to come back another day.

I explained to the"lady" that I lived an hour and a half away. She told me to have a seat and wait ,I Did, over 2 hours!

By this time Im sick of the place. Finally I ask for a refund They refunded 34.00 but said my free exam cost 40.00..Hmm. So I demanded my prescription. Which they finally gave me .

Checking this against the glass order I found that the high pressure warranty salesman had entered my prescription wrong almost doubling the power.The way I figure it with gas wait time and three trips I would have been much cheaper to have just ordered from a local Doctor. I guess you get what you pay for.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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