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The asst manager was excellent and helped greatly with the selection of my daughters frames and lens type. Everything was amazing up to the point when they asked the general manger to double check the fitting which I know now is code to upsale some lense features, I understand this is s business and you push for sales but the general manager was aggressive in trying to MAKE me get the anti-glare on lenses and in the process upset my daughter (11yrs old)to feel she is getting inferior glasses that she will not see out of good or clearly because that is exactly what the manger is saying aggressively and condescending.

Honestly I was going to cancel the sale all together but didn’t want to upset my daughter any further at that point. If the general manger just simply pointed out the importantance of the anti-glare in a non threatening, aggressive, condescending way and gave us a price difference I would of paid for the upgrade.

Me and my daughter had a wonderful, fun experience picking out her new frames just to get the day ruined and have my daughter leave sad, upset because of the general mangers sales tactics.

My daughter was excited about her new glasses but she walked out upset and crying because she now believed her glasses were not good enough after hearing what the general manager had to say about the anti glare.

Will not be returning because of this experience. Playing off the emotions of an 11 year old should not be a business practice used for up sales.

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You all seem to have really thin skin. That is not a "nightmare".

Cancer, ALS, Prader-Willi Syndrome, liver failure, fatal accidents, death of a child ; these things are nightmares. A trip to the optometrist must only be viewed as a pain in the behind necessary to clear your vision.

Nobody likes it but it most certainly is not a "nightmare". You'd better train that child to accept a few minor disappointments here and there or you will have created a monster.

to Anonymous #1568064

Hey be quiet anonymous.... i can smell "Americas best" on you.

You must be associated with these dummies.

Huh, the nerve of you "Dr. PHIL"????

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