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I live about 30 minutes from this place, but I only chose it because of the Eye Club. I really just waste gas driving back and worth because of their mistakes.

I had intially went for both contacts and glasses but when I found out prices of contacts I didn't save any money. I was paying more. When the reception asked how I was paying, she never asked if I wanted the contacts. She assumed but because they about $50 a box and I need two different boxes, I couldn't afford it considering that the "$99" eye wasn't really $99.

Already mad about those facts I had gotten just the glasses, because there was no cheaper form of my RX. They said the glasses would take a week when really then mean almost two weeks. The receptionist also entered the Rx wrong so when I went to pick them up if was like a had a face magnify glass. They would take another week to be re-ordered.

I wasn't going to drive out there again so I had them mailed. She tried telling me it was my fault and I would have to pay $10 EXTRA for shipment. I wasn't going to pay because she showed my the mistake where a perfect 0 was taken for a 6. I told them I wanted my Rx and they were to be shipped to me.

Apparently they can't release my Rx right away. I'm not sure but I will never recommend this business to anyone no matter how much "money is saved." I'd rather spend extra money to stay in the city that I live and deal with overall more friendly people. Did mention that overall I was supposed to pay $320 for glasses a two week supply of contacts, and the cheapest pair of glasses they had?

Also, I've only heard bad things about their glasses such as paint peeling and the coating peeling so I don't have good feelings about this. When they arrive I'm going to get a maximum refund!

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Waukegan, Illinois, United States #623165

I went to Waukegan store 1 of March. 12 of March I got first call from store about my frame is not available any more and I have to come back and pick up another one.

14 of March I drove 2 times back and force to cancel my order and get full refund.

I still did not get money back. They are rude, unhelpfull, have no problem to take money, but have problem with service and refund.

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