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This place is horrible. I went there for the first time and was optimistic. I got my eye exam and picked out the frames. took about 10 days and got them back and the prescription was wrong. They said i would adjust, but i had to schedule a follow up. The doctor said the assistants were supposed to take a PD measurement which they didnt. the second exam was good, i am still wearing those glasses now.

My second visit over 2 years later to a different store took 3 attempts at lenses and ALL were wrong. Bad wrong, i could not focus at all. It was like the doctor was just guessing as best he could to what my prescription should be. each time was closer but its like these guys have never done this before. So after my 5th visit there i demanded a refund. They made me pay for the eye exam and visual field $60 total but its a cheap price to pay to learn to never go back.

summary...the assistants working there are rude, know nothing about optometry and the doctors there appear to not know how to properly use the equipment or get accurate prescriptions. The doc i saw last time would not take accurate measurements of my eyes he just pulled out a ruler and eyeballed it. that is not sufficient for my vision and i will never go back there.

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Monetary Loss: $228.

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This place is a rip off.I get the worst headaches from my glasses and when I went back they told me to just keep waring them.

Well its been months and I still get headacheas when I ware them.

Now I just dont ware them at all.I would rather not see than have the worst headache.


You guys want cheap glasses....+30 year old professionals (with degrees.The money to pay them shall come from the steep 69.95 special.Thats plenty of money for them.), who don't speak to one another, you want the best glasses money can by for the low low price of 69.95 (including +300 PER PAIR bifocals), and you don't want them a penny higher than that, or its a ripoff.

Am I getting it right? Lol.

You guys are great for a laugh.If you don't like it...take your cheap a**** to an optician, instead complaining about dollar general glasses/service at the dollar general of glasses.


I went to America's Best because they were one of two providers on my insurance preferred provider list....what a joke...

It was cheaper to just pay for the glasses than it was to use my insurance, they talked me into some eye care club, because it would save me money... and then my insurance was supposed to pay for my contact. Only after waiting for over an hour and a half did I get to meet with the the "dispensing optician" or whatever... who then tells me I have a co-pay for contacts and that they will cost $80 more than the the original estimate...

it was always a little more... a little more... and I waited and waited. My glasses fell apart after THREE DAYS...

they fixed them, but I swear I will be ripping someone's head off if they break again...WHAT A RIP OFF


Do not believe anything a representative from America's Best would write on any of the consumer complaint websites.They say one thing to look good on paper and do quite the other to cover their unprofessionalism and incompetence.

Given all the complaints on the Internet about them, perhaps the American public should have some "tea parties" to protest these sleazy types of businesses.I applaud the people who wrote on the Internet to warn others.


We strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service.Unfortunately, we failed to meet our goal in your experience.

Please accept my apologies for the problems that you may have experienced at one of our stores.If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Relations department at 800.411.1162.


Today I was blinded by the light of 2 pair of glass for 70$ with eye exam. So I finally went into an America's Best Contacts Eyeglasses.

I saw the darkness as soon as I walked in. It felt like I was in a McDonalds or Walmart as far as the staff was concerned. I think the oldest staff member might have been late 20s. They were a bunch of chatty patty teenage girls as far as I was concerned. Even if it's not poor training the lack of experience has to ruin mine.

They gave the obligatory " can I help you " . As soon as I finished asking my questions and went to look at frames the receptionist or cashier went right on chatting to a friend like I the customer was an interruption. And the entire 10 minutes I could hear every staff conversation about their latest vaction, who was dating who and bunch of other teeny bob chatter. NO PROFESSIONAL except for the tortured sole forced to answer my questions.

I also noticed the pace at which they were trying to wait on customers. It's like they wanted to get rid of the customers rather than give them expedient service. It's like factory or production line eye glass sales. I'd hate to see the labs where the glasses are actually made.

This place does nothing to inspire confidence or get my business. I hate to say it but I think I pay a little extra at another place.

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