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This is not a total complaint--yet. I am giving this a chance, but am prepared to have to fight.

Went to America's Best today to pick up my daughter's other pair of glasses. Have to say--great deal, couldn't beat it! However, she got her eyes tested elsewhere.

Had my exam today. It took all of 3 minutes--if that. I go 2 choices on each eye. Which one is more clear. I was shocked when that was it.

She didn't even have me read up close, even though I mentioned I was having trouble.

I am not at all confident in the prescription I was given.

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Herent, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium #116337

Totally agree - call your State Board of Licensing for Optometrists. Ask them what the 'standard of care' is for your state.

This will tell you what a standard Optometrist visit is supposed to entail. You can also find out how to report Optometrists who aren't meeting this criteria.


America's best Rocks

I think you don't know what your talking about

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