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Like everyone else, we went to America's Best for a good deal. Two pairs of their glasses cost me slightly more than one pair from another place even using my insurance.

The place was crowded, there were unruly children climbing all over the furniture, and the service was terrible. The exam went well, though. My husband waited almost two weeks for the glasses. When we picked them up, no one tried to check the fit. They told him to put them on and since he hadn't worn glasses before, I think he didn't know what to expect. Later we found that one pair didn't fit correctly. No one had even looked at the fit. The other pair's so called scratch resistant coating that we paid extra for (Not 2 pairs for $69.99, but two pairs for $188) was very difficult to keep clean and my husband was taking off his glasses up to ten times a day trying to clean them.

In addition, no one even gave him any advice on cleaning them. They offered no cleaning solutions or towelettes. They gave him no do's and don'ts. They never even gave him a carrying case. They said they were out of them and we could come back next week, blah, blah, blah. It was about 10 miles from our house, including a toll bridge and we knew it'd be crowded again, so we never got the cases.

One pair hurts his head. The other pair lost a screw within a month or two. After he tried to glue them (a big no-no), we went out and bought new glasses in an hour. They cost me more, but the service was worth it. The glasses are sturdier and they fit. Someone cared. No one seemed to care at America's Best.

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I think Crystalct1 is crazy i like Americ'a Best

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