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I recently went to america's best to get an eye exam at 6141 N. Lincoln. chicago, il. The doctor wanted to give me a priscription which I refused. then she tried to burn my eyes holding a flash light directly at my eyes through a magnifying glass because I told her that my eyes are very sensitive to the light.

Now my eyes are so sensitive to the light that I always live in the dark like a vampire.

This a criminal act done by most doctors when their patients put their trust in them. I wish there were help out there for us.

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omg I don't know who is responding to these comments, but you need to get over it. Do you think all these people all over the country are making up these stories about the America's Best Scam?

Our country is filled with scammers like this. That's why we are in the shape we are in. Luckily I checked this place out before I took my daughter for contacts.

WOW. Walmart is looking good.


Some people are just plain ***. This is a standard procedure done by doctors on millions of people everyday.

IDIOTS should go blind so you can't type in these ridiculous comments. Get over it ***


It is called making sure your eyes are healthy! I hope this is a joke or that you are highly medicated......


if dat ain't the dumbest thing i've ever heard. america's best FTW

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