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Okay, where to begin....First off I saw the advertisement for the 2 pairs for 69.99 which peaked my interest as I desperately am in need of a new pair of eyeglasses but don't have the budget to pay another $300 or so as I did last time I purchased a pair (Ray Bans w/ progressive poly lenses) at Lenscrafters.....so the thought of getting a couple of pair for a hundred or thereabouts really caught my attention. I figured there would be upcharge for polycarbonate lens and whatnot but I thought it would still keep me within my budget...

I set the appointment and arrive on time and have a good exam by Dr. Rachel Wu. Very professional, extremely nice and answered my questions....no problems with things at this point....the exam turned out to be the high point of this visit as you will see in a moment..

Then I am turned over to floor salesperson Queenie, who is nice enough and begins the process of assisting me in determining the proper lenses. I had already selected a pair of frames during my wait period before the exam so I was ready to roll..

Queenie begins showing me various lens types, in essence there are levels of distorted areas within the frames and the more you pay, the more you can see through the glass...what a racket, but not necessarily America's Best issue as they all do this....okay, so now I am asked about what lenses I need, we determine my current pair are poly lenses...so Queenie keeps tallying the costs.....keep in mind I picked the cheapest POS frames possible.....no brand name associated......just cheap plastic frames....so Queenie keeps tallying and says to me, "I can get you 2 pair of poly lenses for $510.00".......my jaw drops and I said "what?".....((You get the point......I go into the store thinking maybe worst case scenario $200.00 based on the "special deal" the company is touting only to hear $500.00!!!!!!!!!!!)) Are you kidding me?

So at this point it's a matter of witling down the costs to see what we can get down to and that I can actually afford......we take it down to one pair, same cheap frames and cheap plastic lenses...we are still close to the $300.00 mark...totally unacceptable.

I decide to pay for the exam at $45.00 and look elsewhere so I take my RX and head to Lenscrafters where I am able to secure a pair of Armani frames with the highest quality vision polycarbonate lenses out the door at $265.00....

It may have been more than I had intended to pay when I woke up ready for my exam this morning at America's Best but by the time they were done trying to sell me their "America's Best" eyeglass offer, I was eager to throw my money at another company. The devastating difference in actual costs vs. the advertised price was a shock to the system.....and yes, I know the ad stated single vision plastic lenses...but still....from $69.99 to $510.00???????? gimme a break

If you want better quality frames and lenses for less, try somewhere else...

Thanks for nothing....I won't be back to "America's Worst Contacts & Eyeglasses and I will make sure to tell everyone I know to avoid this company

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Read my review.

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TO H. Kitchener,The Armani frames WERE IN THE CHEAPEST BIN.....and my point again is that there is rampant false advertising going on with America's Best at this moment....last night I saw a tv commercial and it was COMPLETELY MISLEADING..Going to Lenscrafters saved me at least $50.00 but the main point is, I was so irritated by what I FELT was false advertising on the part of America's Best that I was ready to go anywhere else at that point and based on other's comments here and on other consumer sites it appears that I am not alone...I've see you comment or respond to others on this site about various companies and my question to you is....who the F are you?

What is your motivation to shoot down other people's issues or complaints if they feel it is valid?? Who are you to try and invalidate people's experiences?


You still paid far too much for one pair of glasses. Why you need a name brand like Armani or Ray Ban is beyond excessive.

The major profit is the eyeglass business is in the frames, not the lenses.

Take your prescription over to Walmart and get a cheap pair or two rather than pay for some name brand. Who are you trying to impress, anyway?

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