Richard C Lwz

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| map-marker Orlando, Florida

Lack of service

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Had an appointment for contact fitting. After half of the exam was over, I was informed that they could not complete the exam in this store. I was referred to another store 2 days later (and an hour further away). When I got there, I was informed they also could not fit me for lenses. Do not waste your time as I have wasted mine.
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  • Many locations
  • Uninterested doctors
  • Incompetent staff

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else

tanya g Ssw

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| map-marker Sherman, Texas

They are horrible

I have insurance, was never told they did not take my insurance, in fact, I was told that they did and that it would all be handled through my insurance --- well come to find out they are only out to steal money they don't take my insurance they don't take any insurance they say they do and do it as out of network, but they don't tell you that till after they have you pay. They charged me over $400 for something my insurance through my company states is paid in full, all but a copay of $40. Well, they will get theirs, I WILL get my money back in full.
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  • All of it
  • All of them working there

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: run run fast the other way

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There was not enough information for me to review who the customer is, or what insurance they have. I'm happy to see what I can do for the customer if they would like to call 844-442-****

James W Fiu

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| map-marker Irving, Texas

World's Worst Customer Service

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Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses - World's Worst Customer Service

My wife had a bad experience with Lasik Plus, and needed glasses to get her through the next 5 weeks until the corrective lasik procedure could be scheduled. The plan was to get the frames, then go to a store that made lenses in about 1 hour because she was nauseated due to the poor vision.

She found a set of frames that she liked at "America's Best" stores, but none were in stock at that location. After waiting in line at that place, I was told that another one about 10 miles away (Southlake, Tx) did have them and they would be waiting for us, so I went there. I was asked to have a seat. After about 10 minutes, I flagged down the person behind the counter.

She took the glasses out of the drawer and put them at the back of the line behind a couple of other people that came in well after I did. I was told to go to the waiting room.

46 minutes later, I went back up front and communicated my disappointment at the Excessive Wait. Though they were not that busy, the excuse was being short staffed. She looked through the bin that held the folders that represented the few waiting people and their place in line, and said I was next in line.

The store manager was the next person free for me to pay for the frames, so I sat down across the desk from her. She did not say a word, got up, and chose what appeared to be the folder behind mine in the bin, called the people from the waiting room, and had them sit at another table for her to wait on them, while leaving me sitting at the desk she had been working at.

Either the woman l spoke with lied about me being next, or the manager blatantly took someone else ahead of me. In any event, nearly an hour into waiting to for a 2 to 4 minute task to pay for some frames, I was D-O-N-E. Even when they are not excessively busy, clearly they have too many customers to take care of in an efficient way.

This experience made it too late for me to get the frames elsewhere and get to the 1 hour lens making place in time for them to make the lenses, since it was already 4PM. My wife will be nauseated for at least another day as a result. I will never darken the doors of any so called "America's Best" stores again under any circumstances. If this is the "Best" they can do, I don't need the frustration and wasted time, or to deal with overtly rude people or those that lie on her behalf.

I don't believe in rewarding what is among the sorriest excuses of customer service that I have had in a very, very long time, and I hope you won't either. I will be spreading the word on this experience for quite some time to come.

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  • Inexpensive eye exam
  • Worst customer service

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Please don't waste your money or time with this business that does not value you, your money, or your time.

map-marker Miami, Florida

Go Elsewhere for Progressive Lenses

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I thought getting the order for them would be painless. It wasn't.

The staff member handed me off to the manager, which struck me odd. It's glasses, not a car dealership. She was a bit off-putting with an attitude, which I found unnecessary and not very encouraging.

The manager was going through the options and wrote me up for the most expensive progressive they have for $385 without tax, not including the frame. I literally had to haggle them down to a reasonable price even with insurance.

Total cost of $209. I paid for the pair and immediately had a sinking feeling, but couldn't put my finger on why.

5 days later my glasses were in. I went to pick them up and tried them on. I found the glasses to be painful to my eyes.

I equated this from wearing my current glasses all day. I told the staff member, I don't know if they were good or not, so I will test them out for a couple of days to see if they work for me.

I got home and put them on again. It was virtually unusable. I couldn't even see from across the room nor see the computer screen properly.

Not to mention the eye pain was crippling in my left eye, so I put on my old pair and put away the new pair.

I tried wearing them a few times, but could not stand wearing them for more than 5 minutes. I went back to Target Optical where I did my exam to a) get the new pair measured and b) replace the frame of my current pair because I screwed up the arm.

They assured me the script in the America's Best pair were correct, but mentioned the lenses were convex.They tried adjusting them. They suggested I go back to America's Best to get them remade.

I went back last Wednesday and met with the staff member who first gave me the glasses when I picked them up. I explained my predicament and she thought maybe it was a differing material causing the issue.

I thought the convex was causing the severe distortion. I told her that I had Target measure the pair to check that the prescription was correct (it was), but that I could not see out of them and it was painful. She was curious to see what material was used on my Target pair. I didn't have it and Target didn't keep that on file, only the prescription.

I go back to America's Best the day after and I have to deal with the manager again.

I explained again the issues and she copped an attitude. She insisted that if I'm having problems it's the script my optometrist wrote. She claimed when she measured both pairs that the right axis was 140 on the new versus 120 on the old and the left eye had axis subtracted. She wanted me to get re-examined and I balked.

I've been seeing the same optometrist for 4 years. Instead of making it right, she said, "We will only remake them using the script that are in your current [Target] pair. In order to do that, I need the 2-year-old script rewritten." I reluctantly agreed and went away.

I went to Target Optical and met with the same lady who helped me on my last three visits now. She was perplexed by America's Best asking for the old script, but she ended up giving it to me anyway

I went back to America's Best after work and was glad to see the manager was not in, but the staff member who helped me twice before.

She picked up the conversation where we left off on Wednesday. She asked did I find out the material on the old pair. I told her "no". I don't have it and Target doesn't retain it beyond a year.

I advised her that I returned on Friday and her manager would only remake them with the current prescription I'm using (my Target pair).

I said that I wish to return the pair that was made because it makes no sense to remake them with the script I'm wearing and with a replaced frame at that. She didn't argue with me. She wasn't thrilled either, but she refunded me my $209 for the entire cost of the pair out of pocket.

I gave a star back on this review because she did the right thing. If her manager was there, I'm dead certain I would be denied a refund.

Despite the out of pocket cost refunded, I'll be screwed out of my glasses for the year under VSP.

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User's recommendation: Go anywhere but here.

Ana S Dir

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| map-marker Charlotte, North Carolina


Whos May concern, I would like to make a complaint about America Best contact eyeglasses located. Dave Lyle and one of their employee name Rhonda she has awful customer is really Bad!! My second time coming for service. I felt like she was running me out the place. Ms Rhonda Told me the doctor was on lunch she said I could wait or I could somewhere across the street I did not get check in she said go to the back.
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Preferred solution: Please have your associates be more polite and learn to have customers service. No matter how bad the day is if it wasn’t for the customers she would not have a job.

User's recommendation: If you would like to be talk any kind of way come to this facility.

Kelly S Jmb

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| map-marker Avon, Ohio

Terrible customer service at the Avon OH location

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They had me come to an appointment did my eye exam after waiting forever. When we were finished I went to look at glasses. After all of this they told me they do not take my insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not check that in the beginning and the associate helping me was very rude. Her customer service skills defiantly need to be improved. If you do not like your job then go elsewhere and work where you do not have to interact with people.
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  • Unprofessional rude slow
  • Never received prescription

Preferred solution: my prescription

User's recommendation: Do not go here.

Jerry B Cye
map-marker Spartanburg, South Carolina


Associate trying to up charge me Dr gave me a script for single vision, and she tried to give me bifocal I just happen to see the script, and she said it would be $79 I showed her the scrip then she told me i couldn't get the 2 pair for $69. My Insurance did pay, but the money was not the issue also I was told it would take 14 days to get my glasses,I still don't have them. Not very happy Thanks Jerry Birch 864-494-****
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Lens quality and prescription error

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I was truly disappointed with my eyeglass lens purchased with my Designer Frames in Cedar Hill, Tx. I too was given one price and when they finally came in I was told a higher price. I took them back because I paid for the No Glare for better night vision, representative said it was applied to my lens. He said some times it may not be strong enough so he took out my lens and went around the rim with a permanent black ink marker pen said it would help to block light that might be getting in?? still can not drive at night due to glare from oncoming car lights.Very disappointed, will not return.
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Two pairs of glasses in 2 years - due to poor quality lenses

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I bought (2) pairs of glasses with no line bifocals in (2) years. They range of view is the largest I have seen so far. However the quality of the lenses is absolute GARBAGE. 3 months after having them, the are completely scratched ( had that scratch protection coating). I use lens wipes and lens cloths ONLY to clean my lenses and they scratched the *** out of my lenses to the point I can no longer see out of the lenses. Its like a haze of fog when I look through them. I will not be buying any products from Americas Best ever again.
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  • Quality of product


User's recommendation: DONT USE AMERICAS BEST

Richard V

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Verified Reviewer

Can’t see out of my lenses

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I purchased two pair of glasses, 1 clear &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 1 sunglass. To clean my lens I use the cloth provided & now the lenses are so bad I cant see out of them?? For both pairs, I paid over &500!! Richard Voelkl
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  • Frames are nice
  • Lens are awful

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Nicole r Yvd

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Verified Reviewer


stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

I got a call to pick up my glasses today from your store at 200 Town Centre Drive in Glen Mills PA. When I got there one of the employees showed me the glasses I ordered.

One of the frames was not the one that I picked out. He asked if I remembered which ones I had picked out. I found them and he then stated that he wasn't sure how they got mixed up. Being that I paid close to $300 for the two pair, I didn't think that was fair to me.

He brought the manager out, and she said the frames were in the system as the same pair. She said I don't have an explanation for that but its nothing my associate did. I said I just want it to be rectified because regardless it was a mistake on your part, and I shouldn't have to eat it. The manager said again I said sorry and I can have them sent back and it will take two weeks to be mailed to you.

No discount, very nonchalant about the situation like I was wasting her time. Mind you when I was there getting my eye exam there was an error on their part and she gave the man a discount, was apologetic and made sure he was situated. With me she made felt like it was doing me a favor by mailing my glasses to me. I then asked for my money back on one pair, because I need my new prescription.

Because she was so care free about it I will never go there again.

I will also never recommend them to anyone. I will continue to buy my glasses online.

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John F Nvp

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Verified Reviewer

Americas Worst Eyeglasses

My wife, who is 77 yrs old, had an appointment to get an eye examination and purchase glasses on Aug.24,2021 at 2:45 P.M. I drove her over and sat in the store with her, we arrived about 25 minutes before the scheduled time. I signed her in on the login sheet be back about 30 minutes later. No one ever told us to fill out a form and then have an eye test. One hour wasted. We walked out.
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Preferred solution: An apology and a price reduction.

User's recommendation: Don't ever go there

Misty S Pwl

Horrible Company all around

Company is a horrible company to work for, after filing a complaint against an employee of this company I my daughter worked at they singled her out and pushed her to the point of leaving. After speaking to the Store Manager and Reg. Mgr, and being assured that this would be handled and they do not tolerate retaliation of any sort, well that retaliation happened with Mangers and higher up Manager to the point of forcing her to walk out and now refuse to pay her for the time she did work.
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  • Retaliation
  • Racial profiling

Preferred solution: I want my daughter treated correct and her to receive what is rightfully hers.

User's recommendation: DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY

jeffrey s Cjq

Bait and Switch on pricing

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Entered the store University Parkway 34201. All signage states $ 69 two pair and free exam , 2 pair bifocals $ 111 exam free . I did the exam and was told to pick out frames . I picked the $111 group. I went to the register and they told me it as $374 one pair and no free exam. never bull
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  • Price if they follow their signs
  • Bait and switch

Preferred solution: Price reduction

John M Lro

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Verified Reviewer

Second attempt to buy eyeglasses.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

On 3/13/2021, I tried to get a pair of eyeglasses and was met with a berage of two people seated at the two front eyeglass

fitting-tables and no one address me as Sir, or, any polite greeting.

They came off rude and nasty. I was asked if I had checked

in at the front desk, I replied no not yet.

The women at the front

was very sour and non-approachable, asking me several questions She was an older white female. Someone came up to

handed me a plastic tub, and stood around for several minutes.

I was also, questioned about my weapon that was on my hip. As I am required to carry.

I asked one of the men fitting eyeglasses where is your sign on the outside of your building.

He showed a small verbal two sentence sign, and I informed him (There is supposed to be a red-circle, with a weapon and a line running through it that means weapons prohibited.)

The first time, I came in the store, when I received my eye exam

I had put aside a pair of eyeglasses, when I returned They

lost or sold the glasses and I didn't like any of the other ones.

These people seem to act like they are the only ones in town

that selling eyeglasses.

So if this is the way you treat all your customers, this will be the

last time I will be in this store!

The address of this store is: 1871 Carl D. Silver Pkwy Suite

1113 Fredericksburg, VA, 22401

John McDonald.

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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Not too step foot in this store.

1 comment

No one is required to call you sir. Sign says no guns NO guns! Selfish!

map-marker Indianapolis, Indiana

Mask ***

I absolutely loved Americas Best until I went to get my broken glasses repaired a few months ago. I was greeted by their mask nazi at the entrance to their store where.

I was TOLD to pull my mask up over my nose. I told her no. I wasn't going to suffocate myself for a mandate that does absolutely no good whatsoever with keeping a

virus from entering or exiting it. She ordered me to pull the mask over my nose or I would not be able to enter.

I stood my ground and told her the mask was NOT going over my nose. She then went to get her manager. Her manager came charging out of her office and said "allright whats going on here." I brought her up to speed and she informed me that is was company policy and that I could go wait in my car until my glasses were repaired. I am 61 years old and for a 20 something to 'send me to my vehicle' was both humiliating and infuriating.

Now America's best keeps sending me emails despite the fact that I have informed them that I will NEVER enter their store again. Ever.

America's Best can take their Nazi employees and stick them up their Nazi loving arses. I fly BOTH of my middle fingers to you and hope with everything in me that you Go Broke!

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User's recommendation: Don't spend your money on this Woke company that puts YOUR health last over THEIR. NAZI worthless mask mandate.


You're what's wrong with this country


you're funny believe me customers like you no-one wants go to Walmart MAGA "B"


It's a pandemic! Masks protectprotect you and others and you acted like a spoled brat!

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