Americas best are the best at not keeping their word or delivering a good product in our experience. We feel robbed!!!!

They do a terrible job at cutting the glasses. My mother couldn't even wear them at all because they look chiseled around the edges of the lens. Nobody else will touch them because of where they were done at. We walked in today to resolve the issue and the First Lady looked up the name and said they would fix them.

That was fine even though the quality of the glasses are poor and my mother really didn't want to wear glasses from this place. Then the manager said that they couldn't repair them since they couldn't find the file that the first girl looked up at the counter. They never offered a solution or even told us how much it would be if we had to pay. I even told them if they corrected the problem I was going to spend about $500 with them to give them a chance since I was in need of an exam, contacts and glasses.

Well I complained and got the phone number for the corporate office. I called and spoke to some inadequate phone rep. And then asked for the manager. Even her customer service was rotten.

She pretty much told me that my mother was screwed out of her money for the glasses due to keeping the cost down for everyone. We were however insulted with a 10% discount good for 6 months to buy a new pair. So maybe if you hire experienced people and pay them a bit more you wouldn't lose out on money to keep fixing glasses for unhappy customers. They have lost our family's business and we will be posting a picture of the horribly cut glasses.

I hope people read these reviews before going there!!!! It's a waste of time and money.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Americas Best just opened up several shops in my city. I was wondering about them.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #967688

How long did you have the glasses? You have a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus if you had a warranty, you'd have one year to get a whole new pair.


We had issues with Americas best Greeley Colorado. You're shoved through like cattle, frames are nice, but rx is always wrong & has to be redone.

daughter wanted glasses that changed in the car to sunglasses. She paid the extra for this and got glasses that only change when you're directly out in the sun. I called store and corporate and was told they only change if the sun was coming through the window on her face! So that was a waste.

They said they could change to some kind of lenses ( cant remember the name ) but there would be extra cost to change lenses. Stay away from these quickie cheap companies.

Go with Pearle and pay the extra to get quality service and product. Do your research !

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