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i bought a pair of glasses about 2 years ago from american,s best eye glasses, never again, the nose piece on the glasses was bent a bit, so i took it back to the store to have them straightin it out, the guy at the store bent the nose piece back into shape a week later the whole nose piece broke off most likely from him bending them to much, now there,s some type of film pealing off the lenzes, i can,t see at all now, i called to tell them about it, they told me to go to a jeweler to have the nose piece sottered back on and for me to pay for it, and as of the tint pealing off the lenzes, they don,t want to know nothing about that, so now im out a pair of glasses, i lost my job because of it, because i can,t do my job with out glasses, i do understand it was not under warrinty any more but who do you know tint pealing off there lenzes, and a nose piece brokin by one of there people after 2 years, and also these,s glasses where over 300 dollars, trust me, don,t ever go to american,s worst eye glasses ever. once they get your money, you *** to them any more!!!!

Review about: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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"tint" does not peel. It works just like easter egg dye.

Something else may be "peeling" but not the tint. Always clean lenses with cotton and never wipe lenses when they are dry AT ALL.

Use lens cleaner or water. And NOTHING ELSE.

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