My husband went for 3 years with broken glasses because we don't have much money. When we saw 2 glasses and an eye exam for 69.99, he went for it. At the end he paid them $275.00. We are pissed. He only got 1 pair of super cheap glasses and a few contacts. This is not right. He is trying to get them to at least give him a second pair of glasses and more contacts, but THEY have the power.


We will never go back there again. We will tell all we can to NEVER go to that place.


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I just saw where somebody contacted this Co. On Facebook, and was told she Could get 2 pairs of glasses for 69.99So, the lady was going to print it out and go get the 2 pairs of glasses.

Maybe you could try that. Idk.

to Kimbra #1281318

Her Husband also wound up paying over 200 for 1 pr

Of glasses and a few contacts. She was very unhappy.


You can always take your broken glasses to Walmart, and they can put the lenses into another frame. I have a pair that the arm broke on, and am going to Walmart in a day or so to do that. It's a good way to keep your old glasses for a spare pair.

Canton, Michigan, United States #920293

I just my eye exam and ordered my 2 pairs of glasses for $69.95 tonight.

These are basic glasses, but that is all I needed.

It is likely the deal I got is a loss leader for the company.

They will try to up sell you as they did me, but if you stick to the terms you get the deal simple as that.

The staff and optometrist were pleasant.


Esta compañía es una mentira total, no dan ningún espejuelos por 69.99 es solo un gancho para que los visite y luego te dicen que es solo un par de armadura de una sola línea sin lentes,mentirosos y abusadores que son, engañando a los mas desposeído,a

esta compañía deberían aplicarle una buena multa por fraude.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #698876

It's all listed right there on the website you idiots. The free eye exam only comes with the 2 pairs for 69 deal NOT contacts.

Contact eye exam is 79 and one box of contacts is 12.49.

If your have a different prescription in each eye your gonna have to buy 2 boxes. People these days like you retards shouldn't be allowed to multiply

to Kate #892059

No need for call'n others names. You wouldn't want it done to you. They simply misunderstood.

Howell, Michigan, United States #596337

I was trying to find the website for this company to get the phone number, when I stumbled upon these posts... I am laughing out loud!

Just like any offer, there are terms and conditions. If you don't meet those terms, then you pay more... End of story. My sister went there, stayed within the specific guidelines of the offer and got 2 GREAT pairs of eyeglasses for $69.99 plus tax.

I read the offer and it doesn't include contacts. The contacts offer starts at $99.99 and can go up. It doesn't include glasses. So yeah, I can see where someone would pay $275 for contacts and 1 pair of glasses...

I laugh whenever I see people pissed about this kind of stuff.

We live in a society where you HAVE to read the terms and conditions... and still there are so many people who don't!


:eek I knew the offer couldn't be full fact - that there had to be some "HIDDEN" (to say it nicely) costs. So glad that I read the reviews on this and other sites. I am sorry so many people got the 'screws', but you save me and hopefully many other people from making the same mistake.


I agree 110% with you! I wouldnt recommend this place to my worst enemy!

They are extremely rude and they told me they accepted my daughters insurance but never asked for her ins card until we were looking at frames. Then they said "Well you have eye coverage but just not here" What does that even mean!?

Then they wanted $45 for the eye exam so needless to say, I told them to stick it and walked out. They should be shut down!

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