I sent my grandson in for this so called special of 2 pairs of glasses for $69.00 with so called free exam. I am going to make it my business to make sure the whole world hears of this scam.

$85.00 for the exam which is above and beyond anybody else's if you do not want to pay a couple of hundred dollars for glasses. I think I am going to report this to the BBB just so I can calm down.

In the old days this was called bate & switch. Aren't you proud of yourself.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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By spelling Bait wrong you show your ignorance. It's a business like any other business.If you are "forced" to get something you do not want or can't afford it is you that is weak.


i cannot believe the money i have spent there. the biggest rip off, i sent my glasses back, the frames were mangled, what did i get in return, somebody else s prescription, im sick over this place.

if this is Americas best i need to move to Afghanistan. the girls at the store were great, but the 3 year olds they have cutting the lenses please guys these are my eyes you are messing with,over 600bucks later :(


My husband went there sometime ago for the advertised "deal." After he'd chosen the frames they showed us these "coke bottle" lenses and said this is what his glasses would look like unless he chose to "upgrade" which was to the tune of a few hundred bucks! He said "no thanks, just give me the empty frames and my prescription." The sales person was totally befuddled!

He then took the frames (at the deal price after the free eye exam) and had the lensed put in by a reputable eye Dr.

at a fraction of the cost they quoted us. Total scam.


I went to am best today..the customer service wasn't perfect but I did get the 2 for 69 package. However just like anyother business they will try and add things on like the customer before me was doing the same package and the employee was showing her different frames and the price when she went to make a payment was 499..they talked her into more things such as scratch protection, bifocals and so on..but thats their job. I worked at radio shack we did the same thing there...sell sell sell!


If you think being the patient is bad, try working there! As a former employee, the experience was horrible! The pressure they put on you to sell items to patients that they don't need is unbelievable! It's unethical and yes, a subtle form of bait and switch, contrary to what they will tell you.

Every week they're on you as an employee about "your numbers" and quotas that you must meet. If you don't meet them, you get written up. Not sure how you make patients buy something they can't afford. They're in the store for the inexpensive prices the store advertises, yet if you give them that, the opticians get punished.

Glasses are passed that don't meet optical standards so that they don't have to do remakes. The lab work is shoddy at best on any given day.

Buyer and optician beware! Stay clear of this organization. They're a scam.


:eek 2 people $700+ later


I have 2 kids that need glasses, so I was trying to find somewhere more reasonable than the actual eye doctor. Well, my first stop was EyeMart, which advertised 2 for $59, well, they didn't have anything that was stylist for 2/59.

Second stop, AmBest and my 12 yr old daughter was in heaven, she was able to pick out 2/69 without any problems. I was in and out in no time.

I was so amazed to only pay $170 for 4 pairs of glasses. Of course, if I wanted transitions, and other features, I would have ended up paying more, but that was definitely not necessary.


There's a need to recognize certain individuals who do show professional service and genuine concern when a client walks in to get an eye exam. Unfortunately, I wish this was true for America's Best which is lacking in customer service from the front desk to the optometrist at the location I went to.


I took my daughter to America's Best and we had nothing but a great experience. We were greeted upon arrival and treated very well. We were told up front that the $69.99 deal is with two frames in the $49.99 selection. If we wanted other frames, it would be $89.99 for one frame at $49.99 and one at $59.99, or $99.99 for two frames at the $59.99 selection. We were out within 40 minutes of arriving there, exam, selection of frames and all.

I don't understand why so many people are so upset about this business. Don't blame the company if you don't know how to ask questions. And if you think that you are going to get a pair of glasses that you know is specialized, you've probably been wearing glasses for a while and should certainly know that they are going to be more expensive than their advertised special. Again, don't blame the company for your lack of common sense.

Here's an idea, call Vision World and ask them if you can get your no-line bifocals at their advertised 2 for $99 deal.


I think your grandson scammed YOU! It is definitely a FREE exam if he purchased 2 pairs of eyeglasses.

He probably told you they charged him for the exam and then went and bought himself a new playstation game. tisk tisk


This company's sale prices are for things no one wants - that's their old bait and switch. In other words, 95% of their customers will pay dearly because what's on sale is always what no one wants!


I went to the America's Best on Irving Park road in Chicago.

The first thing they did was violate the HIPPA laws. I was given a form to fill out and there was a small box at the bottom of the form that had been highlighted in yellow. The clerk told me to fill out the form and initial the yellow box. The box said that I had received a copy of the HIPPA law. Since I didn't receive it, I left it blank. I turned the form in and the clerk said, "you need to initial the box". I said I wasn't initialing anything since I hadn't seen the HIPPA policy. She said, "Oh, you want to see it?" The tone in her voice was like she couldn't believe that I would actually want to read it before initialing it. She handed it to me, I read it and initialed it.

I asked what the walk out the door price would be for the two pairs at $69.99? Everyone turned their heads in the opposite direction and mumbled. I asked again. More mumbling. I asked again and finally someone told me I would have to talk to the doctor to get that information. I told them I wasn't paying anything beyond the 69.99 plus tax.

After I looked at frames and sat down at the desk, someone brought out another customer's glasses and paperwork and put it on the desk in front of me. I was able to see the customers name and address. HIPPA violation!

Finally I was told that I couldn't get the "basic" package, I needed the next one up at $138.00. I refused. The girl argued with me and said that was what the doctor recommended and that's what I had to get. I again refused and I refused to pay for the exam. I told her that I informed them when I walked in that I wouldn't pay for anything beyond the basic package. Finally she snapped at me, "Fine! Get whatever you want!" and began typing up my order.

I was told 7 to 10 days, today is the 10th day, I'll see what I get, and when.


Next time ask before you start the whole process and get an eyeglass quote. Unfortunately, like getting a bad haircut, once the service has been rendered you cannot "opt out" of paying.

If we did, we would be socialist because no one would ever want to pay anything. I went to am best in chicago and got an eye exam. The exam was fast but i liked my glasses.

I ended up paying 180 bucks for 2 pairs but my friend paid 400 at pearlevision. Pick your poion I suppose.


I went in thinking I was going to get the $69.95 and ended up paying $201. and some change.

By the time I knew THAT PRICE I already had the exam and they would have charged me had I not gotten the glasses.

Fine print or not it is misleading no matter how you look at it. If not why doesn't the ad say $69.95 or possibly over $200.00 if you don't take the basic package which most people don't.


It is not a bait and switch. You just need to put on your reading glasses or have your bifolcals checked so you can see the fine print.


I just finished getting a quote and thought it was a scam too. The staff was unprofessional so I didn't leave with a confident feeling.

My son wanted the glasses but they were cheaply made so we are going back to the eye doctor to buy glasses which are cheaper then America's Best. Thanks for confirming my hunch!


The two for $69.95 offer is our starting price and includes Single Vision CR39 lenses, 2 - frames from our $49.95 price selection, and a free eye exam (eyeglass exam only). Contact lens exams are an additional cost and are not included within our two for $69.95 offer.

This does not include any additional features such as tint, anti-reflective coating, thinner lenses, warranty, etc. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service department if you should need any further assistance at 1.800.411.1162.

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