Durham, North Carolina
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yes I went to one of your centers and. I asked about.

I asked about you $99 special and was told. after waiting a week. and having the exam done. I was told that the my glasses would cost me.

will cost me three times the amount of your price of $99. I don't think it's fair that you advertise for one price and charge a different price because of the prescription. if the price is 69 or $99. I was also told to read the fine print.

if I need glasses how am I supposed to read the fine print. your advertisement is misleading. I also think that you should have your commercial redone so that people understand what the price is truly going to be. as far as me recommending you to people I know or people that asked me about your service.

it will not be in your favor.

think that your services are incorrect if you advertise a price that is the price you should sell for not increase the price because you feel. the prescription is too strong to fill for that price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Deal.

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