They advertised $69.95 for a two COMPLETE pairs of eyeglasses.When we got there, They wanted $200 and will not honor the ad This has happened repeatedly with this company and we paid $99 up front for the exam program No one SEEMS to truly understand English...or this is the way they get around honoring the ads.

They said my son's RX requires extra cause his RX is stronger. no where in the ad is this stated!

There is ALWAYS some exception that adds to the ad price.They are a ripoff !False advertising and non caring employees

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Visited the orange city store in Florida when on vacation.My glasses broke and I needed a new pair.

This was my lucky day. A optician named Ed good care of me. He was the most professional and knowledgeable optician I have ever run into I am a senior citizen and was just bowled over by the fantastic service and eyewear Ed helped me choose. I did not buy the cheapest or the most expensive glasses, but Ed made me feel like I was His most important patient.

I would highly recommend anyone who is in this area to get their glasses at this store and ask for Ed for great service.I will definitely be back!


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A bait and switch.All the reputable places (Sears, Lens Crafters, etc) do the same thing.

As for the quality, you get what you pay for.That the price to see has become outrageous is another issue


the advertising isnt false.As u said, it clearly states SINGLE VISION PLASTIC LENSES ONLY.

which means it doesnt include poly carbonite lenses which are required for higher prescriptions. Most people dont pay attention to the single vision part and get angry when its brought to their attention.

Its up to u to be a smart consumer.However, i do feel that ABCE employees could be better about informing customers about that.


I agree.The ad clearly reads "TWO pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95* including a FREE eye exam** *Single vision plastic lenses only."

They charged me $128.98!

I reapedtedly asked which section is the two for $69.95 because I was weary of the deal and was always directed to the same area. Both of my glasses came from this section. When I was told my bill, I asked why it was not the advertised price and could not get an answer that made sense. I plan on reporting them to better business.

It is false advertising.Even the disclaimer does not add any restrictions.



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