Scottdale, Pennsylvania
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I got the ad, checked on the internet, 2 complete pairs of glasses - bifocal- $99.99.Yea right!

what a rip off. I drove 45 miles each way only to end up paying $260.00 plus dollars. i asked what happened to the $99.99 for 2 complete pairs? She couldn't explain it.

Said it was because i got the hidden bifocal, i said your ad stated regular glasses were to be $69.99 for 2 complete pair and bifocal was to be $99.00 for 2 pair. She never really did explain the pricing and it was very confusing. Ad also stated FREE eye exam. The eye exam was only free if you took the 2 pairs which would of cost over $300.00!

Then you had to pay for each individual test.The doctor was good, but I could of went to walmart for half of what i paid!

Review about: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $261.

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Douglasville, Georgia, United States #913359

I tried them when the glasses were $39.95' because it sounded too good to be true. ..It was ..they were fuzzy about the eye tests but charged for 1 eye chart exam.. glacoma test,frames & lenses total of $175.00 This is in Georgia 20 yrs ago.they'really still here as far as I know..why more complaints aren't filed I don't know

Hudson, New Hampshire, United States #594306

You goT PROGRESSIVE LENSES THAT IS WHY IT COST 300.00.iF YOU HAD GOTTEN lined bifocals IT IS 69.00!It's your own fault & you sure *** *** didn't have to pay 300.00 if you didn't want to!SOME PEOPLE WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE INGRATES! :grin

to YankeeRose #1054347

You are quite rude Yankee Rose.


Very few people know that Americas Best was kicked out of the State of New York (over 20 years ago) for false advertising / bait and switch etc. They simply set up shop in States with small, underfunded, regulatory agencies.

If they are located in your State... beware they are still using the same deceptive tricks


That is when you tell them where to sick their *** and walk out do not ever pay for them I won't. :(


the worst all around product and service I have ever experienced since wearing eyeglasses.


People, take responsibility for your own actions and choices. Have any of you ever heard of due diligence? (Probably not considering the grammar used)Educate yourselves.


At least you got some glasses, they lost

mine 2 different times. They blamed it on

the postal service.

Lost eyes


I purchased two pair of glasses from American Best.In both pair it look like the lenses are coming out of the frame.

Took them back twice to American Best they assured me that the way they suppose to be and that my frames was thinner then the lenses. Shouldn't they told me that before hand??? I took them to Kaiser and had them look at them they told me that they was not right.

I ended up buying new glasses with Kaiser.what a rip off at American Best.


I took my brother to America's Best in Oxon Hill approx 2 years ago.Same story as the rest of ya'll - long wait, bad service and steep price for 2 glasses for the price of one.

He didn't complain about the prescription, so I guess he's cool with seeing. But, I am in need of glasses and I don't plan to shop there. I was glad to see your complaints because I was on my way there. I guess its back to Lenscrafters and Hour Eyes which is bad, too.

Please do everyone a favor - when you make a public statement, please check your spelling.

I could not understand some of your comments.(It could be the glasses?)

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