I just had my second bad experience at Americas Best in Des Moines, IA.I was suckered in by there :Free Exam and 2 pair of Eye glasses for $69.95" what they don't tell you is that only certain pair of glasses fall under their promotion but you don't find that out until you have picked your glasses and since their "69.95" sings are all over the store you can not really tell which are the ones on sale.

Furthermore if you wear contacts and check it off on their exam sheet it cost you an additional $100 MORE!! again, you don't find this out until you are done!! to save you money they give you a membership which entitles you to free future exams for the next three years. I walked out with ONE pair of glasses and one box of contact with a #267.00 dollar bill!

I figure since I pretty much got ripped off the first time and had their free exam this year i went back today. The so called doctor sat me down and flipped the lens ONCE and asked the normal questions "better or worse" then he said, ok, you're done. I thought he was kidding.

I will be filing a consumer report with the Polk County General attorney.In the meanwhile i will be going to a real Eye care facility like Walmart!

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I think the advertisement is very misleading. They make it sound like two pair of glasses for 69.95 not that you have to purchase 2 @ 69.95 each for the free eye exam. My fault I will never go again.


Dear Pissed Consumer,

The fact that you spent more than the $69.00 is your own fault.You could have decided to pick different frames once you found out the ones you chose were not included in the special.

Also, on that note, if you were not sure what frames were included, perhaps it would have been beneficial to ask an associate. As far as the exam goes, if you paid the $99 down that exam is good for 3 years, making the average price $33/year. Any other office (including WalMart)requires a yearly exam that costs more than $33. I am an America's Best customer and for a total of $293 I walked away w/ 2 pairs of glasses, a 1 year supply of contacts and an exam that is good for the next 3 years, because I read the signs and picked my frames accordingly.

Next time before you go blasting a store on the internet, take some responsibility and realize that you too could have gotten this deal had you taken the time to research.Good luck paying under $300 for all that stuff at Wal-Mart.

to Annoyed #1362191

I went to America's best with my own prescription.Wanted the 69.99 2 glasses deal.

First of all the customer service was awful. No one assisted me in picking out frames. They were rude and acted like my business didn't matter. Time for prices.

The old bate and switch. Sure i can get the 1 year warranty for an extra 34.00 for both glasses. Sounds great. Oh wait there's another 69.00 charge to get that warranty.

What? This makes no sense. But I'm the one who didn't understand. From the review's i have read i sure hope i can actually see out of these glasses.

Provided the ever come in.Worst experience EVER


I had very professional treatment, the eye glass frame and my precription was totally wrong.I went to my regular eye Doctor thinking I was losing my eyesight, the Doctor explained that my prescription had not changed in four years.

My inexpensive glasses cost me over 400 dollars, plus I had to purchase a new pair from another eye shop.I would never recommend this place.


When u go somewhere and only want to pay 69$$for your eyecare you get what you pay for!!! :p


Every optical posts ads that offer cheap eyewear, but its the consumer who needs to be smarter & read the fine print.These offers are for basic eyewear, if you want additional upgrades, you will pay for them, just like anything else you buy.

The doctors are independant, not employees. So do your homework & choose wisely. Im a licensed optician manager who has worked at several of competitors, & not an employee of this company. I hear the same complaints for all the opticals.

the advice I can give you is to ask questions before you commit, price & quality compare shop, read the ads carefully, note the* , get info & learn about the doctor& their reputation,. Be smart, if not u lose, if u do ,u win.

That goes for anywhere you shop.Peace.


I went to the one in saginaw mi it does say 69.95 for a pair of glasses but if you a big boy or girl you know better then to just let them pick things for you.. i did end up paying 250.00 But i got the higher end frames and upgraded my lenses i coulda got the cheap frames n paid 69.99 for two but it woulda been ugly frames n thick lenses. Also i wear contacts and 99 bucks for three years is cheap at Walmart its 100.00 each year mabya you guys got hoed out but im very happy that this company is here n very surprised its on this web page....


I've just recently had my first experience with Americas Best, in Boardman, Ohio!The first visit went very good and I was excited about their offer.

I was going to get two pairs of glasses that had the "Never Glare" and the "Transition" lenses, the free eye exam for $149.95! The extras do not apply and must be added on. Sice I had just left LENS CRAFTERS with the total price of $500.00 for one pair, I didn't think the offer from Americas Best was too bad. I scheduled my appointment and went in two days later.

I was pleased with the exam and the help I received until the total bill of $300.00 was presented to me. The first visit, I was assisted by one of the store's assistance managers who gave me the previous estimate plus I was told there was a one year warranty on the frames and lens only to find out later that this wasn't true. The warranty cost extra! I settled for the two pairs with the "Never Glare" and walked out for $150.00 including tax.

I haven't picked up my new glasses yet and I am a little concerned about the quality I will be getting!I will report later!


I was not happy with the store in Margate, Florida.the eye doc was very bland.

he talked me into getting reading glasses for a closer setting. I need them for computer mainly and I cannot see the computer! My distance glasses suck. He set it back from 4.25 to 3.25.

they are not bad for computer but way off for distance. Very upset that now I have to go back. May just stick to my gut and go to my usual eye doctor. The lady that helped me pick out glasses was wonderful.

but overall, bad experience.:cry


they suck at the dubuque iowa store i saved my money and it cost me almost 500 for 2 pairs and the frame broke and less then 3 months and i pay extra for insurance and they will not fix it

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