They will lie and corner you into paying sky high price. Have a little astigmatism? Sorry you can't get plastic lenses. Oh they are for kids? You should get the polycarbonate (which doesn't qualify for the deal). They purposely use the name 'plastic' to belittle the lenses. The polycarbonate and high resolution aren't THAT much better. You can see out the plastic lenses just as well.

Now I work at the lab that produces the glasses. Wonder why the *** it takes 2-3 weeks to get them? Because all the company cares about is cutting hours! Your glasses are NOT a priority, having some work for all the shift is. One day they sent us home 6 hrs early, even though there's still hundreds of glasses that need to be made. Also, there's only 3 American labs that makes glasses for them (and wal mart and eyeglass world) they say its 600 retail locations...so yea your glasses have a LONG line behind other people. We have a quota to meet every hour...usually its 60+ pairs of lenses/glasses an hour. That means we have less than a minute to ensure quality and proper prescription and frames...you can blame that on the corporation and their greediness. They keep firing people and not hiring new ones, yet expect our small staff to work just as quickly as before. No, just not going to happen.

Its only going to be a longer wait and worse quality because they are closing down one American lab in the northeast and will use their China and Mexico labs. If you have to wait 2 weeks before...try a month or longer waiting from China.

Yes everything is a ripoff there, all the workers here only get pay 8-9 dollars an hour. Your 300 dollar pair of glasses, only 13 cents went to me. AR coating does not cost that much...they just have two mexican ladies sitting in a room doing it.

Your glasses will take forever and probably poorly made because :

1. we are extremely understaffed, yet they send people home early to cut hours.

2. we are force to work at a punishing pace and its just a fact that quality and speed are inversely related. want more glasses done? quality's going to go down. Sadly, the company is all about the numbers and not the quality.

Lastly, don't get tempted by the two pair deal. Most of the lenses I do are polycarbonate, very few plastics. Thus I know you guys have been lied to about how you need poly and hi-res. you must stand your ground and tell them you want the single vision with plastics and the cheapest frames (honestly they are all cheap...its a piece of plastic or metal! how much can it cost?!) if they say you can't get it, its a lie. the doctors are in on the scam, so they will write some BS on the prescription saying you can't have plastic (which is why you should boycott america's best ...other eye places don't do that) If your new glasses don't feel right, DON'T listen to them saying 'it just takes time to adjust to you'....we at the labs probably messed up. We do hundreds of jobs a day ...so please do not trust our quality. Especially when we have to work at 5am in the morning... I mean we really do try hard and our best and most of the glasses come out ok...most of us think they work us too hard for 8 dollars an hour.

If you found out you have been baited and switched, just pay for the eye exam then fill out the prescription online at one of the online eyeglass stores. Cut your losses at 50 rather than 200 or 300.

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Eye Exam.

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Seems patrica finitely works for AB and doesn’t like ppl telling the truth or she’s a troll either way don’t pay attention to it they suck they scam u from the word go stay away far away.


This person is in truthful and is slandering the company because this person was fired for {{Redacted}} and being high on the job.so this person is angry and revengeful.


I was on the 3 yr plan and after just 5 months I am leaving to go to walmart - They can keep my money! They have the rudest people working there!

and for some reason their contacts that they have in stock are gining me an eye infection.

Never happened before! Please go somewhere else if you value your eyesight!

to Eileen #1416437

Maybe you expected chocolate and the red carpet.its a business and they are not there to be your best friend.however,they do have social workers that can help you.


To Anonymous:

I wish to personally thank you for your honesty. "America's Beast" - to the best of my knowledge is in fact the longest running corporate eye care scam in recent history. YOU need to find an employer who appreciates your workmanship and THEY need to be shut down for all eternity.

I had purchased the "package deal" for gas perm contacts about 15 years back, and surely - I can't have been the only customer who was "fired" as a patient. The claim being that "I was impossible to fit". Just the opposite of what I was told is the truth.

I ended up with a different "doctor" every single month (yes, that is how long it took the prescription to be filled each time) and not a single ONE of them had appeared to be in possession of the necessary skills in order to produce a prescription that actually worked for me. Each time I got the "correct" one, it was akin to having a practitioner making a sorry attempt to correct my vision with cellophane. How and where were they actually able to obtain their degrees or even their license to practice ... a cracker jack box?

And - to "another employee": there are times when the hand that feeds should be completely bitten off and force fed to the abusive, greed driven party. When a gargantuan, unscrupulous corporate entity sees fit to hire "optometrists" whom had quite obviously graduated at the bottom of their class, intentionally uses deceptive sales tactics in order to fleece the general public into purchasing substandard products and has absolutely no qualms about doing so - they *deserve* to be exposed as well as crushed.

Don't blame "Anonymous" for trying his/her best to do a GOOD job. Place the blame where it belongs - right at the top.


I am customer that received glasses with A set of lenses were not correct. I had to go elesewhere to have them replaced.

I also has them verify That an error was made in the lense. The employees were liars and rude. Also the coating was coming off and they were developing cracks.

I have worn glasses since elementary school and I've never had a pair of glasses go bad. Do not buy glasses from this place......and certainly don't trust their dr to write your script.


to "another employee":

you are probably neil crofoot of americas best. stop telling that employee that he is the problem, when in fact the corporation is the problem! you guys demand high numbers and LOW service!

to joe myung #1416440

I had great service and a nice glasses.federal way America's best was awesome and helped me save money.plus the glasses were perfect.


Funny how you happen to *** the hand that feeds. Surely, you're smart enough to realize if people are taking their prescription elsewhere and not buying from America's Best then they are likely to cut your hours even more.

Or better yet, maybe traffic will slow down so much that they can close your lab as well and make sure you don't have a job to go to.

Clearly, you are a lousy, disgruntled worker who has no ambition, nor any real qualifications to "do a better job". The way I see this is YOU are the problem there and should probably seek employment elsewhere.

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