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Ok, so, I decided to get a new pair of eyeglasses at America's Best Eyeglasses & Contacts. It was the worst experience I have had with getting glasses. I don't even know where to begin.

I was ripped off.

I was lied to.

I was treated like ***.

1. I went in for the eye exam, the eye doctor rushed through the exam- it only took 10 mintues tops to examine my eyes. He was irritated that I couldn't decide on which lens I could see out of. (I saw him roll his eyes.)

2. During the exam they try to tack on all kinds of extra exams for more money.

3. I finally make my frame selections, sit down and they add $300.00 in warranties and extras. I said no to all. I stated that I wanted the deal $69.99 with a free eye exam. I did add the anti-glare. The total was $114.00. They wanted the full amount up front.. that was odd... but I paid it.

4. You get what you pay for.

5. I go to pick them up. I can't see right through them. They said give it time, I did, I took them back and asked that they check the prescription to my old pair. They claim it was the same prescription, yet I could not see right.

6. They double checked - and then said they would change the "BASE CURVE" of the lens. A week passes, they never called me. I called them, went in...

7. I sit down. He hands me my new glasses full of dirt and grime. I said- do you expect me to see out of these? He said he would clean them. I said that would be nice. I left- gave the eye glasses 4 days time to adjust. I had a terrible time with my balance and I just could not see right at all.

8. I went back the second time. I told them they were not right. The return policy is 30 days grace, after that you cannot return and get your money back. It was 29 days since I paid. I asked for a refund. They granted the refund- but they deducted the horrible eye exam of $39.00 ( Basically I had to pay that) - for nothing... all my wasted time and energy. That a$$ eye doctor did nothing and they get their $39.00 for a horrible exam.


So... I said, well if you are going to charge me $39.00 I am keeping all the eyeglass cases (there were 4 cases and 2 cleaning wipes) I whipped my glasses out of them and put the cases in my pocket, those idiots. *sigh*

THEN- they could not refund me the money right because I used the *** Boomertowne Visa Card on the payment toward the glasses LOL

It took 1/2 hour to get the cash back .

9. The guy comes out with all one dollar bills and fives and gives me $75.00

Not only was I ripped off, then they gave me a stack of ones and a gold one dollar coin LOL I am so digusted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. My philosophy is:

They were trying to get more money out of me. The 30 days would be up and they would have said, well we have to charge you for the change in your pair. Of course that will cost you more..............................

This place was so dirty about the whole thing.




THEY ARE CONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $114.


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Yuh know, Americas best is a scam my glasses were 90 total .When they take the exam they do a vision field which i never took before when i got glasses before.

They charged 15.00 for the test.

These people are a ripoff and scams because they make sign for tests you didn't ask for or don't need plus their glasses take too long i need them ASAP not two weeks!payed 100.00 for em for that i could have went to vision works glasses ready in an hour and buy 1 get 1 free for 99


Ok. So I went to get a pair of glasses and

The doctor said I have astigmatism in both eyes and also have amblyopia. He said I should get a certain type of lenses but they were way out of my price range. the other worker who was rather mean agreed with him and said I should get the other lenses which are way out of price range and I wouldn't be able to afford them and she also was trying to sell me on lots of other things. She said if I get the standard lenses that they would be very very thick and people would laugh at how thick they were. I have 20/40 vison or

40/20 vison I'm Not sure how she said it exactly. I'm wondering has anybody with around the same eyesight as mine gotten standard plastic glasses and how thick are they? I asked them and they said "they wouldn't be able to show me" anything as an example it's just impossible.

Now I am waiting for my Glasses and very upset with this whole ordeal.

I feel gyped and worried about what these glasses are going to be.

I've never had anymore.

to Disturbed customer #1344262

You should get a second opinion...20 / 40 is a very thin lens

My vision is very poor so my glasses have always been thick

But I get my frames with the wide stems so as not to be too visible to others...and very rarely do people laugh at others for their vision...children maybe but not adults.....my vision is like

20/200 and 20 /400 but they still won't declare me legally blind....hummmm...but I'm gonna work on that ..lol

Good luck and don't worry they won't be thick....


I called AB because of the 69.95 deal.When I called to make an appt they told me to come for 1:45, I arrived on time, waited fo 30 mins, then one of the girls from the front desk asked me who told me to come for1:45 because the doctor won't be back until 3:00.

That's the first thing that pissed me off. I came back @ 3:00 and waited for the tech to see me, she did my first eye exam and asked me if I had any contact of glasses @ home, I told her no, she said that's ok we can give you a trial pair. Next I saw the doctor, no problems there, he was very nice and did his job wonderfully. I went to the receptionist to pay and the *** hit the fan.

I wanted contacts and glasses, she asked me if I wanted to join the care plan club, I said ok cause it sound like a good deal. When it was all said and done my total was $289 I asked her why do y'all say it's 69.95 if that's not how much it cost,she told me with that plan the lens will be thick with no scratch guard, I knew I was going to have to pay a lil extra because I wanted glasses and contacts but I didn't think it was going to be that much. I proceeded to tell the lady that I didn't get my trial pair, she told me that they didn't have any in stock with my prescription. I said I'm suppose to leave here with nothing for my eyes and she told me there was nothing they could do.2 days later they called me to tell me my contacts where in, I asked the lady what time did they close and she told me 7:00, I went there the same day they called to get my contacts and she told me they could not give them to me without the doctor seeing them in my eyes.

I asked the lady why didn't they tell me that on the phone, she couldn't say anything. I will be getting my money back for everything except the eye exam and my contacts. There is no way an eyeglasses company should allow anyone to leave their place of business with out giving a trial pair of glasses or contacts. I have never been so unsatisfied in my life.

I should have stayed with wal mart at least I can get a trial pair of contacts so I won't run my car into a pole from being on the road blind as a *** bat.PLEASE DON'T LET THE 69.95 FOOL YOU, IT'S A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :(

to The nerve of them #1344263

If you have very poor vision nobody will give you a pair of contacts

Your eyes are different and your contact have to be made specifically by prescription...


I would like to hear of any problems with Chesterfield, MO store!!


I have used Americas Best for the past 6 years and always found it to be a good experience.The staff is knowledgable and friendly, short wait times and the prescription is always right.

They do offer extra testing every year at an additional charge, but since one of my parents has an eye disease that is hereditary, I find the extra $15 is well worth the money to know that my eyes are healthy.I have never had a problem in any regard at America's Best.


Previously, I had used this company for a contact lens prescription and decided to go back on Feb 26, 2011 for an exam and renewal of my prescription.At the end of my exam I received a prescription and ordered a year supply of lenses from an outside company.

I later received an email from the company who supplies my contacts stating that they could not verify my prescription because another type/brand was written on the prescription than what I ordered. The doctor never discussed changing my contact lens brand nor did they give me a trial pair for a new type. Thinking this was a mistake I went back to America's Best/Doctor Exchange on Harbison Blvd in Columbia SC and showed them that I had been denied contacts because another brand/type than what I was wearing was written on my prescription. The lady was very rude with me, told me there was nothing she could do and that this was a better contact lens anyways.

I explained to her that I have been wearing UltraFlex Toric 55 for years and did not want to switch to another brand. I also explained that I did not receive a trial pair for the new type of contact to see if they were even suitable for me. She stated they could order a trial pair, that it would take up to 1 week to receive them, and that I would have to pay for the trial pair as well. Here I have already gone 9 days with no contact lenses.

I explained to her again that I did not want to change from the type of contact lens I had been wearing and that I would like to speak with the doctor. She would not allow that however she went and spoke with him on my behalf. She returned and told me that he would not change the prescription back to the contacts that I had been wearing. So now I have no contacts to correct my vision.

I paid for an eye exam and prescription and received a prescription for contact lenses that I did not get to try out and don't even know if they will work for me. It makes no sense to order a year supply of contact lenses that I have never tried. I asked for a refund in exchange for giving the prescription back and my request was refused. This place scammed me out of my money and is not providing me with what I need to correct my vision.

Since the doctor never discussed changing my lens or provide me with a trial pair, I feel that I should receive a prescription for the same lens they had prescribed me in the past.If not, will gladly give them the prescription back in exchange for a refund so that I can go elsewhere and get a FULL and professional exam, a trial pair of contacts and customer satisfaction.


I went into AB with the hopes of getting the 2 for $70 deal. After receiving my exam and looking at the frames they told me were in that range (I actually purchased the exact frames the sales person picked up and showed me for her example because I liked them.) I sat down to sign the papers, desperate for glasses, (Tight budget and my old glasses had been damaged by bad luck needing duct tape to wear them)

I look at the bill and it's $240. When I ask about it, before the person helping me can speak, the manager walks over, snatches the paper, and proceeds to explain some *** about how they are bifocal lenses and those cost more. I proceed to tell him that no, they are not, I don't wear bifocals. He looks back at the sheet again and tries to give me some *** about the lenses are thicker then normal and that there is a special charge to fit them into the frames I chose.

I stood up and walked out and notified my CC that they might make a charge and that I was contesting it because they did not provide the service they advertised. I also contacted the BBB. Lens Crafters helped me and charged half what AB wanted for the same service.

to Walked out Miami, Florida, United States #603841

Well after I read many of these ccoments.Your the only person to deal with these scam artist in a way they need to be dealt with.

CONTACTED your Credit Card company and contest any charges made by "Americas Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. No need to allow any company push you around. You/We are the people that keep them in business. HATS OFF TO YOU!!!

Just think I was looking up a place for a friend.

When i found this page full of unhappy consumers.

This is a sure sign that the ad is a 100% scam from the start.We have called this the old bait and switch for as long as i can remember

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