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This by far is the worst experience of my 42 years of wearing glasses.

Where do I start? I went in for the great deal advertised in their commercial because I would be paying cash. I naturally expected all the employees to be professional and knowledged.

1. I had to wait for the 3 girls to finish their juicy gossip before checking in and when I did, it felt as if I were speaking to pre-teens who haven't mastered proper English language.

2. While they had a large selection of frames, you could choose only from a small percentage of them and they were unattractive for the most part. I found 2 pairs of decent ones, 1 pair to be used as sunglasses.

3. The optometrist was very curt and rushed thru the exam, leaving me feeling unsure if I would be able to see correctly with the new prescription.

4. After discussing various prices for no-line bifocals, regular lenses, and tint, I agreed on a total of $352 for 1 pair of clear lenses and 1 tinted pair plus the no-line lenses. I paid $150 that day and was to pay the $98 balance upon pick up. The following day I called to change the lenses from bifocals to regular ones, it was too much money. The 2 pairs would come out to $100 because I chose 1 frame outside of the "special" ones. Person who answered phone told me I would received my change request told me I would receive a $52 refund.

Pick up day: Glasses all wrong! Clear lenses in frames that should have the tinted ones and vice-versa. Was told it would take 2 weeks for correct ones to come back. I didn't want to wait or be difficult so I agreed to take them as they were, with no one offering an apology nor any kind of credit for the mistake. Before I could ask for my expected $52 refund, I was asked to pay an additional $20. I told them they were mistaken, that I was the one owed money and to please explain the new charge. I was told it was the balance of the $70 tint on the sunglasses, a charge the person that quoted me the original $352 failed to tell me about OR include on the itemized receipt I was given. They were quite insistent that I pay the extra charge, while I held my ground that I should not have to pay if that charge was not on my receipt that says $0.00 under the tint amount.

I was angry about the lenses and felt that I let them off easy by agreeing to take them as they were, but then they had the audacity to ask me for more money. I told them to forget everything and to refund the $150 I paid and that I was going somewhere else. I was told to expect 2 weeks for a check to be mailed, they do not issue cash refunds.

My advice: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Research and read reviews of discount vision centers before choosing one when trying to save a buck when you're paying cash. If you have insurance, use it at a private optometrist not a discount chain. Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You expected America's Best employees to be professional and "knowledged"?At a cheap retail store?How many shades of stupid are you?

to the truth #1593683

DON'T call anyone you don't know personally Stupid! You just reveal immaturity.

Years prior I had a very positive experience at a "cheap retail store" in another state where I got complete glasses that had very cute frames, no line bi-focals, tint and anti scratch coating for less than $300. I've had them 4 years now and in great condition. I'm going to have my current prescription put in and use them again.

And yes, I expect professionalism not rudeness from any person who deals with customers. If that's too much to ask of them, then they are in the wrong industry and I would be allowing myself to be disrespected, and I won't allow it.


I totally agree with you. I went to Santa Rosa office and they did fast talk sell.

Instead of $69.99 bill I was $500+.

I told them didn’t expensive as I have Macular Degeneration and eye changed continually and eventually blindness. I’m a disabled senior on fixed income and can’t afford throwing money away.I’ve written regarding my displeasure but heard nothing.I am NOT picking up the glasses and better get my money back.

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