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I went in for an exam because I had lost my glasses. I only used them to see far like when driving.

Did my exam went back pick them up when they were ready. I could see far just fine but hands length was blury. They said I needed to get the bifocal. So I paid more for bifocal...transitional lenses. Went back a third time pick them up. I told them it was still blury at arms length plus when I looked down it was like walking up hill. I was told try them a while. So i better so called them. They said some people take longer to adjust,to just try them longer. Well they didn't say how long & I don't wear glasses everyday. I had to go out of state & MS does not have an AB store here. So I'm expected to drive out of state and make numerous trips back and forth untill they are fixed. I bought eye glasses and sunglasses with prescription lens. They didn't have much choice on sun glass frames. The ones I have,they had to adjust,readjust over and over. They are simply too wide.

I spent over $600 I think possibly $700.00 I asked about getting refunded especially since there's no Americas Best in MS and this would clearly call for multiple trips out of state. They said they can't refund now and they can't switch out my sunglass frames.

I don't have insurance! This was all out of pocket expense and their solution is go to Wal-Mart get frames adjusted or drive almost 3 hours away. Basically they me "We're sorry but you're stuck with prescription sunglasses you can't wear because they fall off your face and if you drive 3 hrs away we MIGHT be able to fix your lens then mail them to you" Right and then if they don't work? Drive another 6 hrs round trip.

I'm beyond upset! Has anyone had any luck calling the main company or am I just screwed out $700 plus need more glasses?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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