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the eye glass deal is quite limited .I got a check up at your Moorestown NJ store put it did not cover contacts. added charge of $79.00 just for the examination just to be order the contacts. almost all the glasses cost a lot more. if you need or want any thing but old type of glass the prices goes way up. it would cost less any were else if you want anything besides heavy eye glass with uncomfortable glasses frames do not go there , do not go... Read more

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America Best located in Forest Park Ill. My daughter had an appointment for 4:50pm, when we arrived to waiting area there was one person waiting, when he was finally called in it was 5:30pm. While we were waiting several more people csme in. After the prescreener finished with the first person, he called a lady who came in after us. When I told him we had 4:50 appointment, he was very non caring. He was unprofessional. We waited nearly a... Read more

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Contrary to some of the other reviews, I like the people and Optometrist at Security Square Mall. I bought the "3 year $99 plan" where I could get eye exams for 3 years for that fee. I got my first exam and contacts on the spot. I have been wearing contacts for 40 years, now I needed bifocals and the doctor helped me transition to a way of wearing different lens so I could read and see far. We tried 2 different ways of doing this and found... Read more

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Purchased safety glass they scratch easier than dime store readers before the work start

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Horrible experience, took my wife for contacts in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was told one thing over the phone and during the "free exam" regarding the total price for services and contacts. One week later while there to pick up the prescription contacts; we were informed that the cost of the contacts would be at least double than the price originally quoted. They attempted to pull the oldest trick in the book with the BAIT AND SWITCH by offering... Read more

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Myself and my children have been going to our local store for about ten years and have always had very good service and no problems, until recently. I recently decided to purchase vision insurance through my employer. My insurance covers up to $130 for glasses, but does not cover the exam. I made the appointment and at that time informed them i would be billing ins. I took my child in, they did the required exam, we picked out frames...and ... Read more

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I've had two different family members and two coworkers go to Americas Best for the free eye exam and two pair of glasses for $69.99. It's amazing that none of them qualified fie the "free" eye exam...with each one of them the store found some reason that they were going to have to pay almost fifty dollars. Today as we were leaving another couple came in and were given the same spill so they left also. If your eyes have to be almost perfect... Read more

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The optometrist Mrs. Gold was very professional despite the games some of the other office staff were playing during the exam. While in the exam room, outside interference made the patient say the number before the optometrist even asked. We scheduled the appointment online and no appointment came up at the store. As soon as we got there, phone rang and while we were filing out the form info talking amongst ourselves - the receptionist left the... Read more

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My experience was terrible, to say the least, and I suspect there are others who will fully agree with what you're about to read. This so-called 2 pair for $69. deal is simply a marketing gimmick designed ONLY to get you into the store. Once there, you will find yourself square inside their trap. Why, you ask. Okay, I will tell you: 1. If you're young and require minimal correction to you vision - BINGO! You just might actually walk out... Read more

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Hi Ben, i am Sherrie & use to work in Turnersville & decided to walk away from a job I enjoyed due to lack of training 1 day of training. Then instead of helping me bc never worked in this field Paula & Courtney told me "we throw you in the storm to find your way out" Poor way to train and everyone there so miserable & if i asked a question seem like I was a bother. Paula & Courtney drew up a coach, counsel and development sheet which I told... Read more

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